Fast Food Best Picks

Fast food can be unhealthy. Try these tips to reduce carbohydrates and fat in your fast food choices:

1. Choose plain hamburgers, turkey burgers, or sandwiches; leave off the sauce, mayonnaise, cheese and bacon – try flavored mustards.

2. Order smaller portions of fried foods-fish, French fries, onion rings.

3. Broiled or poached instead of fried are much tastier and healthier.

4. Try to drink more water, diet pop, tea, coffee or lowfat milk.

5. Stay away from the high fatty breads like croissants and biscuits.

6. Eat more raw veggies and green salads less/no dressing.

7. Choose smaller portions.

8. Eat potato chips less often – once a month instead of weekly.

9. Don’t try to eliminate all fast foods, just try eating fast foods less often.

10. To reduce sugar – use less jelly, honey, and BBQ sauce.

11. Eat the baked potatoes (skin and all) – limit the toppings.

12. Eat regular or small size fries and drinks. Don’t supersize or upsize.

13. Eat more slowly.

14. Try a child-size meal. You may find that this will be enough food to fill you up.

15. Limit or avoid regular salad dressings. Try the low or no-fat versions.

16. Ask that high-fat sauces and condiments, such as salad dressing and mayonnaise, be served “on the side” and use them very sparingly.

17. Always sit down when you eat out. Don’t eat while driving. It can be too distracting. If you eat inside the restaurant, you will think more about you are eating.


o If you like sundaes with all the toppings, try a soft-serve vanilla or chocolate cone instead.

o If you like French fries, try a plain baked potato or a side salad instead.

o If you like fried or breaded chicken sandwiches, try a grilled chicken sandwich instead.

o If you like chocolate chip cookies, try the plain cookies instead.

o If you like biscuits or croissants, try an English muffin instead.

o If you like whole milk, try skim or lowfat milk instead. It may take awhile to get used to, but it is much better for you.

o If you like Taco Bells Nachos BellGrande, try Nachos Supreme. You will save more than 300 calories and 17 grams of fat.

o If you like Burger Kings Double Whopper with cheese, try a Whopper with cheese (and without the mayo). You will save more than 400 calories and 40 grams of fat.

o If you like McDonald’s Big Mac, try a Quarter Pounder instead. You will save more than 150 calories and 13 grams of fat.

Practice Saying

o Can I have that without the cheese?

o No, I would not like to supersize (upsize) my meal?

o Can you leave the mayo, tartar sauce, or other high-fat condiment off?

o May I have glass of water?

o No, I don’t want croutons with my salad.

Raw Food, Less Water

Recent studies show that eating raw food helps quench the thirst, mainly because raw fruits and vegetables have higher water content that foods that are cooked. And by consuming raw food, your body will get the much needed water it requires from the raw food that you ate, thereby, quenching one’s thirst.

However, it does not imply that one must refrain from consuming water or juices. The most important thing in living a healthy lifestyle is that you must take heed to what your body wants. For example, if you are overweight, or tired, or have low energy level, or depressed, you body will surely tell you to make some alteration in your diet. And one ideal way to ease your body from these physical and health disorders is by having a raw food diet.

Individuals who are overweight and show indications of “Type II” diabetes, usually experience great thirsts that are hard to quench. But once they change their regular diet into raw food diet that has high level of fiber and moisture, they would eventually begin to lose considerable weight, of which, are ideal in reducing their blood sugar levels.

A physically fit person that does not have any sort of disease or health disorder may still need to increase his or her raw food intake. You might ask yourself why, the reason for that is that a person who is physically fit and do not have any disease or health disorder may consume foods that are highly processed. These processed foods have significant amount of sodium that can dehydrate a person without ever feeling thirsty. Coffee drinkers should also be aware of this because coffee can dehydrate a person’s body.

By increasing your intake of raw fruits and vegetables and pure water and fruit juices instead of cooked and processed food, you will provide your body with the much needed moisture, not to mention the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs in order to become healthier. It is important that you minimize your intake of sodium rich foods in order to have a normal level of sodium in your body. And once you keep the sodium level in your body normal, your body will start to crave for the essential water in needs. Thereby, making you drink the normal amounts of water that is essential for proper circulation in your body. It is like adding balance to what your body will need.

Healthy Natural Food

Everyone has access to healthy natural food but so many choose unhealthy alternatives. This is so ridiculous because healthy food is better in so many ways. It is more filling, sustaining, tastier, and better for your health.

Healthy food is readily available. Never before has there been such a choice. We are no longer limited by seasonal or geographical availability. You can have any type of fruit or vegetable anytime you choose.

Always buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Don’t buy food if it is wilted, bruised or discoloured. Some foods can make you unwell if they have deteriorated badly. Refuse to accept anything but the best quality.

Fresh, uncooked fruit and vegetables are best but if you prefer to cook your food, cook it lightly for the best nutritional quality as some vitamins are destroyed by heat. Try different foods and try combinations of different foods. Fruit and vegetables can be combined for unusually surprising results. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

There are many health-oriented cookbooks available. Your local newsagent or supermarket has many magazines devoted to healthy food preparation. The popular magazines have lots of ideas, hints and information. You can follow the recipes exactly or you can adapt them to your own tastes. The internet is a great resource for recipes and information on what is available and what to do with it.

You should be able to please everyone with fresh, healthy food. There are so many choices. There are sweet, tart, crunchy, crisp, bland and spicy choices. You can add herbs and spices to come up with even more variety. Don’t limit yourself to salt and pepper. Try different types of cuisine, for example, Cajun or French.

Mediterranean or Japanese cultures traditionally ate natural foods and until they adapted their diets to the Western style, they lived long healthy productive lives. Try using some of their traditional recipes regularly.

Try to eat healthy meals regularly, saving the trips to the fast food establishments for special occasions for the children. You may be surprised to find the children asking to go less often. After a while, their taste buds adapt and they find the taste of the takeaway food less pleasant. They will also develop healthy eating habits and will be less likely to lose them when they grow up. You could be responsible for their healthy eating habits for life.